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Do you want to be a care assistant for people in the UK?

At Abbots Care, we value all our workers, and welcome attendees or people who have worked in the sector in other countries, and who have a valid driver's license and the right to work in the United Kingdom.

As leaders of the care assistance sector in the Southeast of the United Kingdom, we are proud to provide fantastic care training for people; and with them the benefits we offer to our new employees, ensuring that you have the best start in this new career as a care assistant for people in the United Kingdom. We have hired international workers for more than 3 years and from more than 10 different countries, including Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania and Portugal. We make sure that all our new employees receive a pleasant welcome and we will help them with the entire recruitment process, from the moment they request to work for us, until they arrive in the United Kingdom and transfer them to their accommodation with us.


No previous experience is required for our employees for care, as we paid training* a comprehensive understanding program that is given by our Award-winning professional care team. After the first 6 days, which are paid *, you will be prepared to start your new job and have the full support of our experienced team and your co-workers.

Why choose Abbots Care:

* Free driving lessons to ensure you are eligible to drive in the UK.

* Company vehicle.

* Economic accommodation included invoices.

* Generous vacations.

* Free of charge for criminal records in the United Kingdom.

* Free training program *

* We help you with the transport to the training classes.

* Department explicitly dedicated to customer service and employees with community support.

* Support by your Community Managers, trainers and care specialists.

* Recruitment specialists dedicated to guide you through the entire process, from your request to work with us, until you arrive in the United Kingdom, until your accommodation.

* Pick up from the local airport.

* 24/7 Emergency Assistance Line


At work, you may work as a care assistant or home care assistant or private services for the home. You will need to drive to the destinations and Abbots Care will provide you with a company vehicle (applicable costs).

You will need to be flexible with schedules and work one or another weekend. The contracts are 40 hours per week and overtime is always available if you wish.

We are also willing to talk with you, if you are interested in exploring new careers or other jobs as far as care services are concerned. At Abbots Care, we will fully train you in the skills required to be an exceptional employee in caring for people. The only thing we ask in return is that you take good care and that you can make a difference in people's lives so that they have a better life.

You will need to have a good level of English, spoken, written and able to read it. Have documentation in order, a passport (EU) to work in the United Kingdom.


We offer excellent benefits for international employees, ensuring that you have a comfortable transition to the United Kingdom and during your new job.

Type of position: Full-time, Indefinite


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